This page will be updated with our latest response to the UK government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19).



We're in a time of unprecedented change in this country as we continue to adapt our lives to the coronavirus outbreak. On Monday, the government announced new recommendations that will have a big impact on our rhythms of meeting together. 

The headlines of these changes are:

  • we are going to suspend all public gatherings until further notice, including our usual Sunday and home group meetings.

  • we are exploring creative ways to still be a family together. Check this page for updates this week.


This is obviously very disappointing for us, but these new measures are a good thing. They protect the most vulnerable in our society at this time which is right at the heart of the gospel. Jesus came for the sick and the vulnerable, so following them helps us to do what we can to serve those most in need.


Taking time to be present together is one of our key values, so whilst it'll undoubtedly be tough at times, we will find ways to support and love one another as we build community together. Jesus remains as committed as ever to building his church. Viruses and pandemics seem to be setbacks, but Jesus has promised that not even 'the gates of hell' will be able to stop him in his grand plan. Let's encourage one another to look to him and rejoice in him in this time. 

- Duncan

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