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We'd love to get to know you. Get a taste of our meeting from the video, fill in our Connect form and we'll be in touch during the week.

Worship • Bible • Prayer Community


Gathering, not just streaming.

In this unique time of being physically distant from one another for the sake of the sick and the vulnerable, we're taking our Sunday gatherings online. Every Sunday at 10.30am we are gathering online for a meeting with worship, preaching of the Bible, prayer and community building. 


We want these to be as close to our normal Sundays as possible, where being together to worship Jesus is so important to us. Knowing that we are together in this time is so important to us, so we use video calls to be a family in one place. This is not an event to be streamed, but a gathering to join in.

Our meetings are open to everyone, and we'd love to have you come and join us - don't worry, you can stay anonymous and just watch as you get to know us! 

What do I need?

We use Zoom, a video calling app. All you need to do is download it and you'll have everything you need. No need to make an account, it's available for phone & computers, and it's all completely free.

Once you've installed the app, just click the link at the top. The stream will go live from 10.25am, but you can join the waiting room any time on Sunday before then - see you there!

What will Sundays be like when we're back to normal?

We'll be back at the community centre whenever the government says it's safe. Head to our Sundays page to get a feel for what it'll be like!

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