Come and get to know us

Monday 5th October, 8pm • Zoom

We love getting to meet people interested in us, so it's our pleasure to invite you to our Welcome Evening! Whether you've been around for a bit, or have only just heard of us and want to know more, this is for you!


This is a relaxed evening of meeting Duncan & Hannah and hearing them share some of our story of why they moved to Manchester two years ago to start the church, and all God's done since! 

Come and and get a feel for who we are, and hear from a variety of people about things in church life that are important to us. There will be space to ask any questions you might have - but don't worry, we won't put you on the spot to share in front of everyone!

All are welcome, and if you're interested, all we ask is you register your interest below so we've got an idea of who to expect - and the details for the Zoom call will be sent over to you. We really look forward to having you with us! 



Monday 5th October, 8pm • Zoom

Meeting details sent when you register

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